Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Formosa Plastic Group safety and health environmental protection policy


  We are convinced that environmental protection and industrial development are equally important; It is a corporate's social responsibility and a part of the competitiveness of enterprises to ensure the safety of products, employees, contractors, factories and communities.

  We believe that every disaster, no matter how small, can be avoided. Use the power of organization and institution through the values of the enterprise to achieve acceptable standards of work in every factory; To achieve this goal, all the supervisors must have appropriate participation and understanding of the system, provide adequate training, and require thorough implementation and continuous improvement of the system to ensure that policies and objectives are met.

  All the colleagues must always keep enriching their profession, taking safety, health and environmental protection as the most basic consideration to make any decision, thoroughly understanding the spirit of the system and implement the implementation of the system, to the bottom of the problem to face and the best practices in the industry to improve progress, facing problems with an inquiry-based attitude and continuing to improve with the best practices in the industry.

  Set oneself an example to others, start from oneself, maintain the safety of colleagues, neighbors, and oneself; Maintaining the cleanliness of the natural environment; Maintain company assets; It is the responsibility of each of us to aim for sustainable operation.

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