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“Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness. stop at the best, sustainable operation, contribute to society”

In 1958, Formosa Plastics Group set up South Asia company, which engaged in the production of PVC pipe, rubber, tape and other plastic in secondary processing. After years of efforts, the company has been able to continuously expand, grow and thrive, whose power source of the organization, is the spirit that the two founders, Mr. Wang Yongqing and Mr. Wang Yongzai repeatedly stressed, and practiced “Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness, stop at the best, sustainable operation, contribute to society”

On the career operation, the company consider that only with the good management foundation, can the enterprise operate stable, and the foundation will not shake due to the change of objective conditions. Thus, for a long time, no matter in production and marketing, manpower allocation or resource utilization and other aspects, the company is always adhering the management spirit of getting to the bottom, seeking truth from facts, pursuing rationalization of dribs and drabs, pursuing to reduce the cost and improve benefit of ascension. That kind of spirit is already internalized and became the important core of enterprise culture, and it is also the motive power for the enterprise pursuing progress and sustainable.

On the other hand, the company believes that in the pursuit of competitiveness and profit, enterprise ethics must be always kept at the same time, and take the acting which is in a positive way and beneficial to society as the starting point of business. Therefore, out of business success, the company also devoted to public welfare of education, medical service and caring the weak, and expanded the scale constantly, and made efforts to improve efficiency and quality to fulfill responsibility of company citizenship.

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