Nan Ya Rigid PVC Film with reliable quality, no toxicity and environmental protection is your ideal partner for vacuum forming, printing and building decoration.


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The surface has high gloss and excellent appearance quality, and can be pressed into high-gloss decorative films via the mirror embossing wheel.
  The surface can be laminated, treated and embossed to produce decorative films of wood grain, plain and other types.
 The product can be manufactured according to the customer requirements for the color and weather resistance.

 Nan Ya Rigid PVC Film has high flatness, appearance quality and dimensional stability. It can be printed into various floor decoration films for floor lamination.

 The product has smooth surface, weather resistance, flame resistance, bright and rich color, and can be customized. It can be processed by punching, folding, fusing, cladding and other means to produce a variety of insulation shells for pipelines of facilities.

 Nan Ya PVC filler sheet has high dimensional stability, toughness and vacuum forming performance.

 The PVC with the appropriate resistance to temperature and deformation can be provided according to customer requirements.

 The flame-retardant  material can be provided according to the customer requirements for the oxygen consumption index.

Due to the excellent gloss, transparency and toughness, this product has good vacuum forming performance.
Depending on the various local climates, the product with appropriate impact resistance can be provided.
The product with high resistance to static electricity, UV rays and impact can be provided according to the customer requirements.
This product contains no prohibited components such as heavy metals and plasticizers. 

 This product has the advantages of high toughness, impact resistance, hot-press lamination performance, coloring performance and the like, and complies with the stationery requirements.

 This product can be applied to manufacture stationery (e.g. photo albums, metal scales and file folders) by means of punching, lamination, printing, fusing and the like.

 Typing and whitening products can be provided according to special formulas.

 This product has the advantages of high transparency, slight fold whitening, easy hot-press lamination and printing, and the like. It can be used in outer packages according to the folding box and window requirements.

 The decorative films of Nan Ya have good color fidelity, haze uniformity and elastic recovery rate, and can be applied to produce vivid Christmas tree leaves.

 The decorative films of Nan Ya can be processed according to the color, moisture and embossing requirements, depending on the types and parts of Christmas tree leaves.

Latest scientific achievements

PVC sheet and film for food and pharmaceutical package


-  As it is produced in the 100,000-grade clean room, this product has good flatness and stable quality, and is suitable for aluminum foil lamination.

-  With few crystal points and fisheyes, this product has a small coefficient of surface frication, and its corona can be determined as required.
-  This product does not contain plasticizers or heavy metals.


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